Thank you, Zerlina Maxwell

Thank you, Zerlina Maxwell

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"Thank you Zerlina Maxwell for speaking out and bringing awareness to rape culture. We agree with you and we've got your back. Don't stop!"

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    "We need to tell men to stop raping women."

    That is what Zerlina Maxwell--the latest target of right-wing media--is being viciously assaulted for saying since she appeared on Fox news last week.

    Zerlina Maxwell, their latest target, is a rape survivor, a progressive, an African-American writer and a frequent guest on political talk shows. But most importantly to right-wing pundits: She had the nerve to suggest that rape is the responsibility of rapists, not their victims. That instead of arming women with assault rifles to protect them from rape, we should as a society teach men not to rape and address the culture that makes rape so pervasive in our country. And the response has been ugly.

    Since that appearance Maxwell has faced heavy harassment. People have posted on the internet that she should be raped and murdered, called her horrible, racist epithets and more.

    But she's not backing down. And she deserves our thanks. Add your thanks to Zerlina Maxwell right away.